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The running community is remarkably committed to excellence and finding the most effective products and strategies that will help them improve their personal best. Whether it’s a 5K or an ultramarathon, most runners have disposable income and use it to improve their ability in the sport they love.

The ultrarunning culture is steeped in runners’ determination and fierce loyalty both to the sport and to pushing their limits. Followers of the ultrarunning scene are growing in leaps and bounds due to an influx of marathoners looking for a new challenge (like a 50K). When that challenge is met, many want to go further and do a 50 miler and even push it to a 100 miler. Sometimes this is a bucket list run (runners wanting to knock it off their bucket list) and sometimes it becomes a way of life. Either way, countless hours of training are needed for these goals, and runners want to make it the best experience possible via any solution they can find.

One thing is for certain: those who are part of the ultrarunning journey have veracious appetites toward effective product information and ways they can improve their abilities. Get exposure of your product to this audience.

Croix is the storybook tale of a struggling underdog and then breaking through to become a legend. Shockingly, he was hit head-on by a car at age 14, which put him in a coma for 4 days and required years of rehabilitation. But Croix recovered from this accident and rose from meager beginnings to become an ultrarunning legend and inspirational leader!

Croix’s sponsors include:

Salt Stick
Road Bear RV
Gnosis Chocolate

His Current Title Sponsor:
Sunwarrior Superfoods

The Demographic Stats of Modern Runners:

Male Long Distance Runners

  • Average age: 45 years old
  • 54% are married
  • 76% males had 2006 household income of $75,000 or more
  • 80% have college degree. 37% have post-graduate degree
  • Favorite race distances: Half-marathon, marathon, 10K

Female Long Distance Runners

  • Average age: 39 years old
  • 62% are married
  • 64% females had 2006 household income of $75,000 or more
  • 79% have college degree. 42% have post-graduate degree
  • Favorite race distances: Half-marathon, 5K, 10K

General Runner Demographics

  • There are over 37 million runners in the U.S. 11 million run at least 100 times per year
  • Runners spend $125 billion on health-related goods and services
  • 16 million runners have a household income of $75,000 or more. Nearly 55% hold a college degree versus the national average of 33%
  • In 2007, runners spent $8.5 billion on their sport, with $2 billion going to the purchase of footwear. 30% of runners buy 4 or more pairs of shoes per year
  • There were 8.1 million road race finishers in 2006
  • 43% of runners have participated in the sport for over 10 years
  • 21% have been running for over 20 years
  • Average age of male runners: 27-31 years old
  • Average age of female runners: 23-26 years old

Croix also reaches a broader demographic with higher disposable income because of his books, public speaking, and non-profit activities. His inspirational lifestyle and message crosses boundaries to motivate and activate the superstar within. Croix’s fans adore him for his commitment to excellence, willingness to educate others, and his authenticity. Croix is also a dedicated father to his daughter and son, and walks … uh, runs his run.

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“Dream so BIG it Inspires You, Act so BIG it inspires the World.” – Croix Sather