Media Inquiries

Croix is a well-seasoned veteran of television and radio with over 100 appearances, and regularly featured in print media. He’s a panel expert for Sunwarrior Superfoods, spokesperson for Hope for the Warriors, a former radio show host, and a nationally celebrated inspirational keynote speaker.

Croix is currently welcoming regional and national television and radio appearances, national print, magazine articles, and syndicated columns. Blogs and Internet radio stations with an audience of over 3,000 daily visitors are also welcome.

Due to a limit of 24 hours a day and a ridiculous run training schedule, Croix is not accepting local cable TV, privately hosted Internet radio or blogs (unless the listener audience is over 3,000 visitors per day), local print media, or other local media at this time.

Here’s a sampling of recent media appearances:

Croix Sather on NBC San Diego

Croix Sather on KTVK Good Morning Arizona

Croix Sather on WFYY South Carolina

Life is about giving back and Croix supports many great causes. If you are a non-profit or have a specific running or sports event you would like to be considered, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in contacting Croix Sather!

Please fill out the form on this page to contact Croix or a member of his staff.

“Dream so BIG it Inspires You, Act so BIG it inspires the World.” – Croix Sather