Life Running Balance

How do you balance your life as a runner? How do you get your training run in when the speed of life has you running ten different races at one time? These three tips will help you balance your family, career, volunteer, chores, and myriad of other obligations that all vie for your time.

Life will through a million things in your way to keep you from getting to the gym or out on the road for a run (or any other exercise). And if you let these other things distract you, sidetrack you, or frustrate you, then you will let your run have a seat on your couch.

Follow these 3 rules and you will always get your run in. ALWAYS!

1 – Make running a must!
Just like brushing your teeth, dropping the kids off at school or showing up for work. It is never about how can you get your run in, it is always a question of when. If you want something bad enough you must find a way. You always have, right. Planning your wedding, meeting a deadline, or buying a car, you have always found a way when you wanted it or needed it bad enough. Stop making cry-baby excuses and start making it happen.

2 – Prioritize
Some things simply won’t fit into your schedule on some days. Never let it be your run. Order in dinner, leave the dishes piling up in the sink, or run during your lunch break. Whatever it takes, get your run in. If you are watching any TV or posting on FB, you have time for a run. During my run across America, I was booked with media and speaking events all day when in Louisiana. I ran any moment I had. I squeezed in a marathon distance of running 30 minutes at a time. This allowed me to run faster than on a normal day. I showered five times that day after each run, but I got it done because it was my priority. And so can you.

3 – Refer to Rule 1 & 2
I might sound like a wise-ass, but I mean it with full integrity. If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen by making it a must and prioritizing it. Even if that means something else doesn’t get done. And the busier and more stressful your day, the more important it is to get in your run because it makes the rest of your day easier. You’ll have more energy and be able to deal with life’s challenges better if you got your training in. The busiest and most successful people I know never miss their workout because it makes them more productive in everything else they do.

Will there be days you miss your run? Sure. Life happens. But never let it be more than two days in a row. Each and every day you miss it becomes exponentially harder to get back to it. You’ve heard it and it is true – an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Make it happen or make an excuse.

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